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Hey there,

I’m Phoebs, also known to many as Fub and I'm the founder of Taite Ro.

Rewind eight years… I was studying fashion marketing at university and created a fashion rental concept – an idea fuelled by my own frustration with a ‘wear only once’ approach I was starting to adopt to my entire wardrobe. I knew not only was this harming my (non-existent) bank balance but the environment too.

Although just a concept at the time, I spent the next few years wondering if the concept could ever become a reality. Seven years, a lot of hard work and a global pandemic later, I am so proud to bring you Taite Ro. - your go-to fashion rental platform for one off statement pieces, all individually selected and curated to make those sought after looks easier to find and afford, whilst shopped in a more sustainable way.

Those who know me, know I’m a little quirky in the clothes I wear, and Taite Ro. emulates every sense of that. The pieces are all bold, out there and head turning but that’s the beauty of rental - people can be slightly more daring in their fashion choices.

Everyone deserves to feel their best, and Taite Ro is for exactly that. 

As a small business owner, I really do appreciate every follow, recommendation, shout out and order placed. Please follow @taiterouk to join the journey.

Equally if you would like any fashion advice or have any questions about Taite Ro., I am just a DM away. 

Phoebs x 

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